Conference Topics

Thrust areas of the conference:

• Nano structured materials and technology
• Semi-conducting materials
• Ceramic and composite materials
• Bio-materials
• Polymer and Environmental friendly materials
• New energy and chemical materials
• Electrical and Electronics
• Mechanical behaviour of materials
• Creep, Fatigue and Fracture of materials
• Material forming and machining of materials
• Severe plastic deformation
• Metals, alloys and steels
• Advances in iron and steel technology
• Microstructures, Properties and characterization of metals and alloys
• Coating and surface engineering in metallurgical industry
• Modelling and simulation of materials and devices in ferrous and non-ferrous industry
• Building and construction materials
• Materials, Processes and Applications for Sustainable Development.
• Materials for Nuclear energy
• Material applications in automobiles
• Welding and Joining of advanced materials
• Additive manufacturing
• Recent developments in Metallurgical process
• Recent developments in Mechanical Processes
• Computational methods in Metallurgical and material processes.,
• Automation in Metallurgical Process
• Any other relevant area